Junior netball is back!

Friday 8 April 2011

Junior netball is back!


by Treveen Page

Junior netball got underway with the Under 10s as the Diamonds played the Saints last Tuesday at Port Courts.

The Diamonds held a six goal lead at half time to the Saints nil, but the Saints stepped up their defence in the second half holding the Diamonds scoreless.

Saints centre Keeley Harold played an excellent game defending a lot of players all through the game, and  Amelia Lee put in a great game for the Diamonds. 

Final score Diamonds 6 def. the Saints 1.

The Port/Julatten team played the Mossman Gladiators and the Port/Julatten girls played hard in defence but could not overcome the the Gladiators.

Players choice for Port/Julatten was Bo-Lily Jenkins and for the Gladiators Georgia McCarthy while best and fairest for Port/Julatten went to Heidi
Pashen and for the Gladiators, Sophee Watson.

Final score Gladiators 6 def. Port/Julatten 0.
The Under 12 Saints-Allstars played the Port Crocs with both teams playing well.

The Allstars were strong through the centre with Rae Page as best and fairest and Poppy Lawrence showing good skill improvement.

Jessica Viola‚Äôs defence kept the Saints from running away with the game and Phoenix Scott-Spackman also playing well on the day. 

Final score Allstars 9 def. the Crocs 3. 

The Miallo 1 girls played the Panthers and it was the Miallo team who came up trumps having a tough game in the rain. 

All players played a fantastic game and tried their hardest with the best and fairest award for the Panthers going to Robyn Bruenig, and for Miallo
Saisha Schonenberger, Players choice for Miallo Elle Kadwell and for the Panthers Georgia Kelly.

Final score Miallo 14 def. the Panthers 0. 

The Mossman Magic played the Saints Sparks and Mossman were strong in all positions. 

Best and fairest for Mossman was Casilda Creek and for the Sparks, Georgia Duncan took the award. Players Choice for Mossman was Cian Danskin and for
the Sparks it was Tiah McLean.

Final score Mossman 14 def. the Sparks 0.
The Under 14 Judamalies played the Under 12 Rep Squad and the Under 12s kept the Judamalies to just one goal in the first quarter with fast passing and great intercepts.

But the Judamalies kept up the pressure to come out victors.  Best for Judamalies was Natalie Littler and for the Under 12s rep's Saisha Schonenberger. Players Choice for Judamalies was Natalie Littler and for Under 12s Rae Page.

Final score Judamalies 10 def. Under 12 rep squad 0.

The Saints Dynamite played the Violet Vipers, and displayed great defence off both teams in the first quarter.

Marley Cairns made great work of getting the ball down the court and shot some great goals.  The Vipers played strongly overall and very good game in the end.

Best and fairest for Vipers went to Akasha Francis and for Dynamite Eleisha Mealing got the award. Players Choice for the Vipers was Tayler Durie and for Dynamite, Emma

Final score Dynamite 12 def. Vipers 5.