Inside Port - A town with a huge heart!

Thursday 7 April 2011

Inside Port - A town with a huge heart!


by Tanya Morris
Community Development Worker, Port Douglas Neighbourhood Centre

For a small town Port Douglas and its people have a huge and caring heart. No matter what’s going on or how tough it is for people we always rally together to help those less fortunate.

People of this area don’t think twice about digging deep or working hard to help out in crazy and imaginative ways. Take for example the Undy race - who would think of that but crazy Port Douglasians?

The kindness of Port Douglas people isn’t just about money. A recent newcomer to Port, Jacki had this to say when asked about Port Douglas:

"I came from the Gold Coast for a fresh start and have found everyone so friendly and interested in my wellbeing. The local shopkeepers have got to know me know and always say hello. I felt at home here almost immediately and love being a part of this community.

James loves Port Douglas and says the community spirit is important to him as it gives him a sense of place and wellbeing. James loves to volunteer and he believes it helps people relate by sharing rewarding experiences. "You make lifelong friends by helping each other and others."

Angela is a long term resident of Port Douglas and commented “We are not just a bunch of tourists, we care for each other and our environment."

Sandy lives on a boat in Dickson inlet where a neighbourhood watch system applies among the yachties.

"We look after each other in cyclones, and on a daily basis. With a truly international population it is great that we all have a common goal. Helping each other during times of need, and of course having a huge laugh when we occasionally get something slightly wrong."

Colleen says people here are so friendly and are always stopping her to say hello.

Mandy the Neighbourhood Centre manager is adds she is always humbled by the generous spirit of the local community.

"I am so proud to be part of this wonderful community and in my work at the Neighbourhood Centre I see kindness and charity in action every day. Kindness in action and charity in deeds. Everyone in this area donates to the Nic Nak Shed which supports our programs and keeps our centre running. We are lucky enough to have some great sponsors for our major fundraising events and we wouldn't get by without this support."

So I just want to say thanks to you and thanks to me and thanks to everyone for making our town so great a place that I am proud to call home.

See you around town!