Chamber profile - Rhys Bawden

Thursday 7 April 2011

Chamber profile - Rhys Bawden

In the latest of our Port Douglas Chamber of Commerce committee member profiles we chat with Rhys Bawden who sees a number of opportunities for growth within the town.

The Newsport: How long have you been a Chamber committee member?

Rhys Bawden: I was originally a member and on one of the sub committees when the Chamber first started in Port Douglas. Since then I have only been a member until this year when I decided to become a committee member to see if we could make a change.

TN: What sub-committee do you sit on?

RB: As the sub committees have only recently been formed and only with the person in charge been appointed I am what you call a roamer.

TN: What is your specific focus as a member of the committee?

RB: In short I want to try to make an impact to the business community.
TN: How long have you been in Port Douglas?

RB: 16 years.

TN: Are you a business owner?

RB: Yes, I am part owner of Salsa Bar & Grill.

TN: What business experience have you had?

RB: I have been involved in Salsa for 14 years, working my way up through the ranks, until being offered the opportunity to buy into the business, I have always thought of Salsa as my business and have always worked with that in mind.

TN: What is the biggest change in business you’ve seen while in Port Douglas?

RB: Since moving to Port Douglas I would have to say that the biggest change to business that I have seen would be the expansion of accommodation houses throughout the past 10 years.

TN: What are the biggest challenges that lie ahead for the town?

RB: To reinvigorate the tourism profile of Port Douglas, and to try to enforce to people that Port is a great place to come all year round. We need to work on a plan to invigorate the low season so that there is not such a large gap between the low and high season. 

TN: What are the biggest opportunities for Port Douglas businesses in the future?

RB: The waterfront project and the sale of the Sheraton Mirage possibly hold the best business opportunities for the future.

TN: What is Port Douglas best keep secret?

RB: Salsa, ha! Having the ability to slip into this lovely town no matter who you are and know that you have the best nature can offer right at your finger tips.


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