All your Junior Netball results

Wednesday 13 April 2011

All your Junior Netball results


by Treveen Page

The Under 10s took the court at 4pm with the Diamonds playing Mossman and it was the Diamonds who started well with a quick goal in the first quarter, but was smartly matched by Mossman. 

Sisters Jasmine and Sophie Kirk played well showing their experience for Mossman while Kalani Revel and Amelia Lee put in great games. 

Final score Mossman 4 def. Diamonds 1. 

The Saints played Port/Miallo in a low scoring game, and the Saints had plenty of chances at goal but only scored one in the first quarter.

Kiara Gaddes and Stella Burnett put in excellent games and for Port/Miallo and Bo-Lily Jenkins and Heidi Pashen also played well. 

Final score Saints 2 def. Port/Miallo nil.

The Under 12s played on Court 1 with the Crocs playing Miallo. The Miallo team were a force to contend with shooting five goals to one in the first half, which was to be the one and only goal for the Crocs.

Player’s choice were Nicky Samson and Jade Shuck and Best & Fairest Phoneix Scott-Spackman and Lily Wicks.

Final score Miallo 9 def. Crocs 1.   

The Mossman Magic team played the Allstars and Magic came out firing with a three goal nil first quarter. The Allstars rallied to shoot two goals in the next quarter leaving them just two down. 

Casilda Creek for Mossman intercepted well all through the game and Rachael Goodwin was great in defence stopping the flow to Magic’s goals.  Player’s choice Samaria Denman and Eliza Markham. 

Final score Allstars 8 def. Mossman 6. 

The Sparks played the Panthers, with the Sparks coming out on top in a toughly fought out game.  The combination of Georgia Duncan, Cartier Bennett and Tayler Miller through the centre court was too much for the Panthers.

Player’s choice for the Panthers went to Ellie McKay and Best & Fairest to Shannon Lincoln.

Final score Sparks 4 def. Panthers 1. 

The Under 14s played at 5.30 with the Judamalies (Thunderstorm) playing the Violet Vipers in a fast paced game with lots of turnovers by both teams. 

Both sides displayed strong defence but the Judamalies converted more goals in the end.  Player’s choice  were Kyiesha Pitt and Tayler Durie and Best and Fairest went to Brittany Bowen and Hayley Alexander.

Final score Judamalies 9 def. Vipers 5.  

The Dynamite played the Under 12 Rep Team and Dynamite dominated throughout the game but the U12 Reps were not disgraced making the stronger team work for every goal. 

Eleisha Mealing played great in centre and Simone Pringle was great in defence while for the Reps Saisha Schonenberger put in a fantastic game in defence and Isabella Cattanach, who despite being one of the smaller players on court, made up for it with a 110% effort. 

Final score Dynamite 10 def, Reps 6.