Tracking Grub's new trike

Wed 19 May

Tracking Grub's new trike

Local tourist attraction and iconic personality 'Grub' from Grub’s Personalised Trike Tours recently returned from a fruitful trip to Brisbane to collect his new three wheel, three passenger Oz Trike.


This new red bodied beauty will join his flamboyant two passenger yellow model to increase his booking capacity and ensure visitors can enjoy a tour whenever they want to, and all they've got to decide is what colour trike they fancy.


After flying to Brisbane and collecting his new toy, Grub hit the road on a four day journey home that took him off the main highway to towns he describes as hidden gems, not often visited by guide book tourists.


Mundubbera was one such town, and a welcome sight after a long ride in torrential rain (the new trike handled the conditions with ease).  Mundubbera, 405km north west of Brisbane, is built on the bank of the Burnett River. It is the self-proclaimed "Citrus Capital of Queensland", although this is disputed by the neighbouring (and rival) town of Gayndah.  Knowing Grub as we do, we're sure the whole 1,053 population of Mundubbera are now new friends and wished him well for the rest of his adventure.


Grub reflects that one of the highlights of his journey from Brisbane was visiting Mount Morgan, an old mining town just outside of Rockhampton.  Mount Morgan was founded as a gold mining town in 1882 and has, over time, produced silver, copper, and vast quantities of gold before the mine finally closed in 1981.  During the mining operation, most of the mountain was mined away, and the town now lies adjacent to a 300m deep acid-water filled pit. The Queensland Government, through its Department of Natural Resources Mines and Water has begun a rehabilitation project of the mine site.  Tourism plays a large part in the economy of the town today. A number of historic buildings still exist in the town, and tourists can take excursions to the remains of the mine.


Rockhampton, Grub’s destination on the second day of his 2,000km journey, held a special significance as he met up with a long lost friend, a former workmate in the mines in Western Australia he hadn’t seen in 30 years.


According to Grub he hadn’t changed a bit “He had no hair then, and he’s got no hair now.” (Reporters note: Our chat is suddenly interrupted by Grub’s mobile ringing to the sound of ‘Born to be wild’.)....

....Back to the story......Many hours and many rums later, Grub awoke the following morning on the back of his new Trike just as his mate was off to work.  After breakfast at the local café (Grub generously gave the waitress a free ride around town to celebrate her birthday), it was off to his next stop Cardwell, some 880km away.


Needless to say, after a long day on the Trike, Grub didn’t have much of an opportunity to explore this beautiful coastal town in the centre of a vast natural wonderland and the gateway to Hinchinbrook Island.


But in the immortal words of Dorothy and echoed by Grub “there’s no place like home” (that’s probably where their similarities end), and pulling into Port Douglas for the first time on his bright red beast was a welcome sight after four days on the road.


Grub is obviously passionate about this region, and he’s now doubly capable of giving you a unique way to see the area. In his own words (not Dorothy’s) “See it, breathe it, taste it”.