The Science of Cricket by Douglas Local

Thu 20 May

The Science of Cricket by Douglas Local

Stephen Timms son of local Solicitor Arthur Timms and ex Port Douglas cricketer is studying the Science of Sports Fitness Training and Psychology down at the Cricket Australia Centre of Excellence. 


As well as his undoubted cricketing prowess he has just recently had confirmed that two of his scientific papers will be used at a Cricket Australia Conference of Science Medicine and Coaching Cricket in early June on the subjects of Bowling Skills tests and Squat Kinematics. 


These papers are also going to be published in the Conference Journal with his co-author and Head of The Cricket Australia Centre of Excellence Dr Marc Portus.  This is a massive achievement by Stephen and will certainly progress his career in his chosen subject of Sport Science. 


As we all know The Science of Sport is vital in todays competitive environment for sportsmen.  Every little edge that they can achieve through their application of the scientific breakthroughs that experts like Stephen Timms are uncovering all the time, helps Australian athletes to succeed over the rest of the world's competition.


Stephen Timms is also a fine cricketer in his own right.  He is often invited to bowl in the net practices by the Australian Test team whenever they come to The Gabba.  


Editors comments: I had the privilege of fielding in the slips to Stephen's bowling when he made a welcome appearance, whilst up to see the family, for the Muddies a couple of years ago.  Thank goodness the opposition were not good enough to get bat on ball for a catch behind otherwise I suspect, with his bowling speed at somewhere in the region of 135/140km per hour, I would have still been going backwards with the ball, had I seen it!  Congratulations to Stephen on being published, a great achievement.