No dusty blues in this swamp

Tue 25 May

No dusty blues in this swamp

We are not sure the organisers of Carnivale quite knew what a fast paced rock band they had booked for this Carnivale Club extension of the Rex Smeal Park Rock n Blues Festivities from the afternoon.


Swamp Dust exploded on the stage at the Sugar wharfs Carnivale Club, starting their set with Pearl Jam before swiftly sliding into Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and some amazing originals.


They generated a truly electric atmosphere at the newly refurbed Sugar wharf.  The bass line was driven by hard and fast drums complimented by some breathtaking guitar solos and of course the versatile voice of Willy Joe who must have sold his soul to the devil to get a voice and talent like his. His voice is likened to the legendary Chris Cornell with a splash of Layne Staley and Eddie Vedder. 


Next time this is a must see!