It's party time at the Port Douglas Street Parade

Fri 14 May 

It's party time at the Port Douglas Street Parade

2010 Port Douglas Carnivale Street Parade will explode in a ball of hi-octane street entertainment designed to turn the evening into a true street party!  With entertainment zones up and down Macrossan Street there will be something to keep everyone entertained from 5 pm till midnight (only stopping now for the fireworks at 9 pm)!


Crazy Shirlee Sunflower will be looking for love in all the wrong places….. The Great Dave will astonish you with his great feats of physical trickery and balance….. The Spinn Sisters will teach people young and old how to spin a hula hoop like a champion….. Danny Simony’s Magic Show will enchant the kids…. The Drum Up Big drummers will electrify the parade audience…. Gorgeous Strawberry Fundaes will paint your face… Grab a balloon sculpture from the bumbling Captain Smarty Pants… Kids will be entranced by Kyle Raftery’s Smiley Show… Love FIRE? 


The Flammable Fire Tribe will fan the flames for their fans all night long… Watch out for that wacky Mr. Stuggles – wait and see what tricks he pulls out of his suitcase – it could be one ball or five clubs and everything in between!.. and MR. ha Ha P will incite joy and hilarity to all that dare to watch….


Beware the Mixed Lollies Fashion Cop (you might get a ticket for that lairy Hawaiian shirt)… Hanzard – juggler extraordinaire – will entertain young and old with his old world showmanship, reminiscent of the vaudeville era…  Wait for the end of the evening for the rollicking Carnivale Tarmac Cabaret as all the acts come together for some late night tomfoolery.