Green future to create jobs, not cost jobs

Fri 21 May

Green future to create jobs, not cost jobs

Queensland would be the biggest winner in terms of jobs growth if our politicians took climate change seriously by acting without delay to reduce carbon emissions.


The ACTU and the Australian Conservation Foundation, a leading environment group, have banded together to urge both Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott to do more to reduce carbon pollution.


Queensland’s employment would increase by 45 percent or close to a million jobs over the next 20 years, and Australians would be $153m better off over that same period should strong climate action be taken.


Modelling done by the National Institute of Economic and Industry Research, defines strong action as introduction of an Emissions Trading Scheme (putting a price on carbon), energy efficiency measures, renewable energy investment and cleaner transport. Weak action looks only at the ETS, and would produce 700,000 fewer jobs.


"Australia's government and business leaders face a simple choice: Invest and innovate now to secure our long-term future or pay the price in extra economic costs, job losses and an increasingly damaged environment if we don't act," ACTU president Sharan Burrow said. "This report shows regional areas, even those which produce coal and generate electricity, will have more jobs if we take strong action to cut pollution, but only if we act now" she said.


Editors Comments: This matter has got to be dealt with and dealt with fast.  Just looking at the picture attached makes me feel ill.   It's obvious that our politicians haven't got the stomach for the fight so it's down to us. This area is in the unique position of being able to contribute in a massive way.   Carbon, we are not short of (the Daintree Rainforest springs to mind!).   If we initiated a program of planting, as some innovators have already done, instead of clearing, we'd have more carbon to offset the emissions, more oxygen production and ultimately more jobs that are not based only on tourism. I believe that is called a triple whammy !