Fat Albert keeping his eye on the ladies!

Thu 20 May

Fat Albert keeping his eye on the ladies!

Fat Albert, the dominant mature crocodile on the Daintree River has been seen a lot down at our end of his extensive territory.  He is trying to make sure Scarface, the other mature, but not so dominant, male croc, does not go up Dusty’s (mature female) Creek but there are other males upstream to keep in line so he is having to spread himself around a bit.


With such a large territory, the other males take full advantage of his regular absences to pop along and check out any opportunities that may be available with the ladies!  But they do so at peril of their lives, 'cos Fat Albert is not a merciful leader. 


Today was warm but overcast so both Scarface and Fat Albert were lying in exactly the same place all day where the tide had left them.  There are no tracks to illustrate entry or exit so visitors often think they are plastic models until the Croc Cam zooms in and catches them lazily opening their eye to check what’s happening (it really is almost impossible to sneak up on a croc).


Today river cruisers with our friends Solar Whisper Daintree Cruises saw five different Kingfishers including Azure Kingfisher, Little Kingfisher, Collared Kingfisher, Forest Kingfisher and Sacred Kingfisher (now back from down south) plus the elusive and majestic Great Billed Heron. 


This time of year is exceptional for birdwatching as many of the birds arrive back from their Summer vacations.


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