Brew Crew win Carnivale Golf Challenge

Wed 26 May  

Brew Crew win Carnivale Golf Challenge

Around 100 eager competitors took to two of Australia’s finest golf courses to compete in the 2010 Port Douglas Carnivale Golf Challenge on Monday and Tuesday this week.


The event is gathering a sense of tradition with many of the competitors ensuring it becomes part of their yearly calendar.


“This is our fourth year in a row” said Vaughan who has come from Innisfail as part of a two team contingent. “While we’re in Port Douglas for golf we also get down to the Central Hotel for a meal before the younger lads try their luck on the town”, he said with a wry smile.


On a typically steamy Port Douglas day, the first round of the tournament was played at the Mirage Country Club where entrants relished the relaxed atmosphere of this iconic golf course and the chance to play in such beautiful surrounds.


Kerrie Jamieson from the Mirage Country Club was delighted with the turnout, she said, “Around 30% of the competitors are visitors to Port Douglas which is fantastic to see, and we have a very strong local presence too”.


Not even 'Lonely', the resident crocodile on the 10th hole, who had come onto the bank to watch proceedings, could interfere with the concentration of ‘The Brew Crew’ from Innisfail who finished the day on top spot with local teams from the Barrier Reef Tavern, and Josephine’s taking the minor places.


At day’s end the stories of giant putts made and hole in ones just missed flowed as freely as the beer and wine.


Entrants were eager to hit the flawless fairways of Sea Temple Golf Club on Tuesday for the second leg of the Challenge, a task easier said than done with many beautifully presented, but nightmarish bunkers ready to swallow any stray Hot Dot (do they still make Hot Dot’s?).


With plenty of action on the practice grounds before play even began, it was clear that there was more than a little pride at stake (or to be restored from the previous round).


After the round teams gathered at the Sea Temple club house while scores were tallied, and at the presentation it was ‘The Brew Crew’ who had maintained their lead from day one to take the coveted 2010 Port Douglas Carnivale Golf Challenge Cup.


Local teams fared well with the Barrier Reef Tavern hanging on to second spot, and Pete’s Pets storming home to take third.


Editors Comments: We are so lucky to have two such superb golf courses within our town.  The grounds staff did a brilliant job in getting the courses ready for this first major tournament of the year, particularly the greens, after having had to contend with such an extended bout of rain that delayed their preparations. It was also good to see 'Lonely' keeping an eye on the golfers as they completed their score cards.  He has a keen eye for discrepancies!