All H2Go for new water park

Fri 21 May

All H2Go for new water park

A $35m water theme park on the Captain Cook Highway in Smithfield has finally been given the go ahead, with construction planned to start in July.


Paul Freebody, chief executive of Adventure Waters, is happy the project will go ahead after an agreement was reached in court yesterday with Mulgrave Central Mill, which lodged an appeal against the development in January.


More than 300 people will be employed during the construction of the water park, with another 200 staff employed for the day to day operations.  Mr Freebody expects the park, which will cover seven hectares, will bring many benefits for the community.  "It's good for the community because we need a bit of a shot in the arm in relation to tourism, in relation to employment and in relation to construction," he said.   "It's a shame it didn't come earlier, but it has come now."


The project will now go to Cairns Regional Council, which approved the park in October, for an operational works application.  Mulgrave Mill general manager, Peter Flanders, said the increased availability of parking on site meant there will be less chance of vehicles coming into contact with cane vehicles, a concern which needed further discussion before an agreement finalised.  "I believe it is a manageable outcome for all the parties concerned," he said.


Editors Comments:  OK, a water Park for Cairns, very nice, now can we have some attention on a Lagoons style Pool in Rex Smeal Park or close vicinity, you know it makes sense !