Management strategy for CREB track

Mon 22 Mar 

Management strategy for CREB track

A draft plan for the future management of the famous CREB track, a famous recreational four wheel drive road and access to the Burungu community at China Camp, is under review.

Cairns Regional Council last year decided to prepare a strategy for the road engaging key stakeholders in the process. Division 10 Councillor Julia Leu said a consultancy group had prepared the report the CREB Track Environmental Management Plan, based on information collected through field inspections, that details recommendations and requirements addressing safety issues and future maintenance of the renowned route.

“The idea is to provide access for the community at China Camp to Mossman and Daintree and to ensure the area’s protection,” Cr Cochrane said.

“The track traverses a sensitive rainforest area and under Council’s management plan, its closure during the wet season will be most important in preventing environmental damage.” “Appropriate signage will be installed at either end of the track that will detail conditions of its use by four wheel drive vehicles. Signs will also signal the state of its closure during inclement weather.”

The State Government will address alignment issues identified with sections of the CREB track passing through privately held land as part of the Kuku Yalangi Indigenous Land Use Agreement tenure amendments. The CREB Track Environmental Management Plan identifies areas where maintenance is needed.