Cute Crocs rule at Daintree River

Fri 26 Mar 

Cute Crocs rule at Daintree River

We are very grateful to David and Tyna Whyte from Solar Whisper River Cruises for their Daintree River report this week.  They tell us that they have counted 5 hatchlings with new mum Elizabeth again, which means that one of the hatchlings that went missing last week has returned to its mothers protection and very sensible to at this tender age.  

Crocodile hatchlings are very susceptible to predators at this time of their lives. In fact this is the only time in their lives that crocodiles are available to other predators.  As soon as they get longer than a metre, the boot goes on the other foot and they are the hunters not the hunted. Some days we see mum (Elizabeth) and the hatchlings communicating, but it is one sided affair for us because Lizzie’s voice is beyond our ears. 

The little hatchlings have a very cute chirp. It is fantastic to see this new population growth, this time of year is spectacular for viewing activities on the Daintree River and in rainforest.  

Whilst we were looking at the crocodile family yesterday there was a strange noise like a car trying to start with a flat battery.  the Solar Whisper cruise followed the noise and discovered a Great Billed Heron stretching its neck up to the sky letting go with this very unusual sound, possibly a mating call? 

The cruisers were thrilled to see such unusual sights as they experienced on this cruise, they will certainly have some stories to tell when they get back home to family and friends.for further information visit