Croc spotting wildlife report

Thur 18 Mar 

Croc spotting wildlife report

By David White - Solar Whisper Wildlife Cruises

The most hatchlings seen this with Elizabeth were 6.  Already though the numbers are down to down to 4 on the Daintree River as they get caught by the incoming tides and drift off the logs they perched on or they get eaten by other crocodiles on the river.


We have been looking at another female crocodile downstream but as anyone does when someone comes into your personal space, she gets a bit agitated when you get anywhere near her private domain so we leave her alone to soak up the sun on the banks of the river.


We rescued a Pied Imperial Pigeon from the middle of the Daintree River which had some serious injuries, which could possibly have come from a hawk. The injuries were so bad the wildlife person had to euthanize the pigeon humanely to ease its suffering.


When on the Daintree River the normal practice is to let nature take its course and just observe, but sometimes we do try to help.