Travel the Bama Way

Travel the Bama Way

It's certainly not new, in fact it's older than all of us added together but it's now starting to get some serious press coverage because it is such an amazing journey in more than one sense of the word. Travel The Bama Way and experience Tropical North Queensland through the eyes of the people who have been its custodians for tens of thousands of years.


The Bama Way is an Aboriginal journey through South Eastern Cape York, from Cairns, via Port Douglas, Mossman to north of Cooktown, following story-lines through the two Aboriginal nations of the Kuku Yalanji and Guugu Yimithirr peoples.

Editors Note: I know you'll be interested to know that the word ‘Bama’ (pronounced Bumma) is widely used throughout Cape York to mean an Aboriginal person, but in both Kuku Yalanji and Guugu Yimithirr the word simply means ‘person’ regardless of nationality or race.

The Bama Way links three Aboriginal-owned tours operated by the traditional custodians of the local area. Each tour provides a unique experience which will teach you about different facets of Aboriginal culture. At Cooya Beach, just north of Port Douglas, for example, you can track coastal resources and throw a spear with the Kuku Yalanji brothers of the Kubirri Warra clan.  At Wujal Wujal, see the Bloomfield Falls with family members of the Walker family and learn about the resources of the rainforest and high in the hills outside Cooktown, walk amongst ancestral rock art sites with Nugal-warra Elder and story-teller, Willie Gordon of Guurrbi Tours, who explains the meanings – both practical and spiritual – behind the art, giving you an unforgettable insight into Aboriginal society and spirituality.

The Bama Way links three Aboriginal-owned tours operated by the traditional custodians of the local area. You can choose a tour, or a package that combines tours with transport from Cairns and accommodation.  You can choose an Aboriginal Tour as a 'Do It Yourself' traveller from either Guurrbi Tours, Cooktown, Walker Family Tours or Kuku Yalanji Cultural Habitat Tours Or of course you can choose a package, where your travel, tour and accommodation is organised for you from the following any of the following The amazing Bama Way Discovery Tour (2 days), Drive-Drive Cooktown & the Rainbow Serpent Tour (2 days), Fly-Drive Cooktown & the Rainbow Serpent Tour (1 & 2 days), Fly-Fly Cooktown & the Rainbow Serpent Tour (1 day) or Daintree Dreaming Tour (1 day). 


All these tours are fully escorted with your own knowledgeable guide. The choice is yours – but as the organisers have said with such warmth and welcoming - Please do come.....become part of the story!