Freezing Brits choosing Australia as escape

Freezing Brits choosing Australia as escape

According to an article in the International edition of Travel News Daily, Long-haul, tailor-made tour operator and retailer, Travelmood has named Australia and Thailand as the two most popular destinations for customers booking their 2010 escapes during the first 2 weeks of its January holiday sale.


The long-haul specialist, which has released thousands of holiday deals for 2010, with guaranteed savings if booked by 31 January, believes that the recent cold snap has encouraged bookings to sunnier climes including Australia.

“January is always a busy booking period but we’re sure that the current spell of cold weather has lead our customers to yearn for a sunshine escape even more than they usually would at this time of year and this has helped put hot countries such as Thailand and Australia at the forefront of their minds,” says Rad Sofronijevic, managing director of Travelmood. The bookings and enquiries Travelmood has been receiving are for holidays departing throughout the year.

Rad Sofronijevic explains that “With a lot of Brits not being able to make it into work, we imagine that many have had more time on their hands to spend thinking about getting away for a break, whether it’s to escape the cold and go somewhere hot now, or to book a holiday in the summer to look forward to.”

Travelmood, which provides holidays to the Far East, Indian Ocean, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada launched its 2010 holiday sale on 27 December 2009. The holiday deals hold significant discounts and “extraValue” offers such as free room upgrades, board upgrades, nights, meals, excursions, spa treatments and other complimentary treats for customers who book by 31 January 2010.

Editors Comments:  It does the old heart good to see wholesalers working so hard to get the people here.  Now if someone could just wake up Qantas and mention that Port Douglas via Cairns Airport isn't closing for business this year, they might be able to help too!  You remember Cairns Airport, it's where you used to fly tourists into so they could enjoy Port Douglas and the far north before you cut all the routes !