Daintree River Wildlife Report

Monday 04 January


Daintree River Wildlife Report


Our friends, David and Tyna White from Solar Whisper Wildlife Cruises up on the Daintree River report that there is a new 3m crocodile hanging around the mouth of Forest Creek with a very distinctive upturned nose.  It looks like a female (skinny with no scars) but she does not appear to have a nest.  Her teeth also look quite old, so maybe she is beyond nesting.  Still you never know that old devil 'Fat Albert' may still blow a few bubbles her way !


There is plenty of bird nesting activity in the region with the major players being the Shining Flycatchers, Yellow Bellied Sunbirds, White Breasted Wood Swallows, Azure Kingfishers, Brown Backed Honeyeaters and Large Billed Gerygones.


This is an exciting time for the river with the prospect of so many young ones about to be born.  It always seems such a shame that the high season visitors are not here in large numbers after the Christmas break to enjoy the energy and excitement generated by all this new life on the Daintree River.


For further details of life on the river, contact David & Tyna White www.solarwhisper.com   OR Phone 40987131  Mob. 0439 983 140