Council turn Sports Oval into Four Mile Beach

Council turn Sports Oval into Four Mile Beach

Contractors working on behalf of Cairns Regional Council descended on the Port Douglas Sports Oval yesterday to top dress the ground. No one at the Cricket club or AFL Club seems to have been aware that this was going to happen, it appears there had been no advance warning.


When we contacted the Council, they said that the work was supposed to be done on Dec 11 2009 but the contractor cited bad weather as the reason for the delay. (Editors comments - Oh dear someone 's got a short memory, it didn't rain substantially in December until New Years Eve). However the Council has now issued a letter to their contractor asking for a further explanation.


Muddies Club Captain Josh McConnell and Keith Taylor who looks after the preparation of wickets for the Muddies and the Juniors said that as in previous years when this maintenance work had been suggested, they would have asked for a delay since both the B and C Grade Muddies Senior sides have several more home games left to play as well as the juniors who are still in the middle of their season. The ground is now completely unplayable and when this procedure has been carried out in previous years, it has remained unplayable for at least four weeks. This is OK if it is planned correctly.


The outfield now has a thick layer of sand all over it which is supposed to level out the ground for both Cricket, AFL and even Netball to be played safely on it. However the contractors have spread the sand across the existing contours of the ground which does not level out the ground in fact just makes the rise and fall of the ground even more pronounced. Port Douglas will now have to rely on their controlling body Cairns Far North Cricket Association, to help them make alternative ground plans for the remaining home games for the rest of the season for each of the Port Douglas Cricket teams.

Editors Comments: How can doing maintenance work of this magnitude during a playing season possibly be considered as the right course of action. Does the council dept that organises this work not understand the sports they are supplying grounds for. I have personally been down to the Sports Oval and my question to the Council would be, 'What sport do you think can now be played on the Port Douglas Sports Oval over the next few weeks?" I have one idea, come on girls get your bikinis out, it's time for a beach volleyball tournament.