Website analytics vital for business success

Website analytics vital for business success

One of the great assets of website business is that you can monitor and analyse every single one of your promotional activities.  But what does this mean to your business.  in more traditional advertising and promotional business activities there is always an element of guesswork.


Did our advertising work, where did the leads come from, how did people find out about our business? Through newspapers, magazines, posters etc there is always an element of risk. Advertising used to be based on a mentality of 'throwing enough mud against the wall and some of it is bound to stick', well that isn't the case anymore.


As budgets get tighter, the reluctance to waste a single dollar must prevail.  Now with online advertising you can actually get a report on screen at set times when you want to review and assess every little detail about your recent business activity against every dollar spent.


This form of reporting is called website analytics and if you haven't got the facility then you're not getting the full picture. Google Analytics is FREE and easy to setup and is a must for your business success. This form of online monitoring can be set up very easily and at very little cost and it only needs to be set up once to give you access to all your online activities.


So if you want to know which websites are sending you the most leads then all you need to do is ask your website developer to organise it and you'll never waste a penny of your advertising again.