Ukelele craze catching on

Ukelele craze catching on

It seems that the Ukulele has become the 'cool' instrument to play.  It may be coincidental but ever since Cairns Region Mayor, Val Schier suggested we stage a World Ukulele Festival in the region, the Ukulele has been popping up all over the place.


Just the other evening at the Plantation resort Music Trivia Quiz, one of the contestants brought his new Ukulele with him.  When asked how long he had been playing it, he said "Since yesterday ! I have previously been playing the guitar for years, but this is much more fun. 


You just can't play it without a smile on your face".  He's hit the nail on the head there because whenever he broke into a short virtuoso performance between rounds the whole place smiled and sang along.  It is just one of those irresistible instruments.


As reported on Newsport on Feb 5th Cairns Regional Council has given funds to the organisers of the proposed Cairns Ukulele Festival under a grant from Council’s Economic Development Fund.  Mayor Val Schier said the festival would attract national and international visitors to Cairns, giving a boost to the local tourism economy.


“The Ukulele Festival will be held in July and will include activities and performances in the weeks leading to the event,” Cr Schier said. “Cairns’ population encompasses people with cultural backgrounds from the Pacific, where the ukulele is an integral part of their traditional music,” she said.


“Worldwide data shows the Ukulele music has had resurgence around the globe and Cairns will be one of the centres for its celebration.”


Editors Comments: It seems that Mayor Val Schier has hit the right button with her support for the planned Ukulele Festival, I wonder if she will be playing ?