Strategic themes for LGAQ conference

Thur 11 Feb 

Strategic themes for LGAQ conference

By Roy Weavers


Cairns Mayor Val Schier welcomed more than 250 delegates for the annual Local Government Association of Queensland economic development conference held at the Shangri-La Hotel.


Cairns Regional Council officers and councillors will attend the three days of strategic discussions and presentations focused specifically on economic and regional development. Mayor Val Schier said the wealth of expertise to be shared at the conference will prove invaluable to future strategic planning for the region.


“There will be topics up for discussion such as the world’s best practice in job creation and creating a sustainable tourism region,” Cr Schier said. “As delegates we will be doing much more than talking, we will be examining modelling and the practical application of theory – just how to make the strategies work in reality.”


"Council has really concentrated on its contribution to economic development over the past year with the establishment of the economic development fund and appointment of our first economic development officer,” she said.


"This conference will be a great opportunity to share our experience with other local governments and to learn from the success stories of places like the Gold Coast and Brisbane where councils play a huge role in investment attraction."


The LGAQ conference is being held from 12pm Wednesday - Friday, 10 -12 February at the Shangri-La Hotel.