St Valentines Day ideas

St Valentines Day ideas

Since I wouldn't dream of suggesting that I know anything about the subject of love (Ed Note: I've only been married 37 years, what would I know ?), I consulted several experts in the field of love and have set out below a selection of their very interesting suggestions.


I'm sure they will help you enjoy this very special day.


Now before we go on, we should make it quite clear that there is nothing wrong with the traditional approach of a romantic dinner (or lunch depending on your work roster) and a overnight stay in a romantic getaway. But it seems this is not for everyone, now that could be for financial reasons or that it just isn't your 'thing'.  That's fine maybe some of the suggestions below will fit the bill and push the right buttons for your loved one.


A simple walk through the Rainforst Habitat in port Douglas whilst holding hands and enjoying the birds and animals before finishing your afternoon with a meal in the Habitat dining area where the local 'residents' will keep you amused.


Go horse back riding together along the beach.  there are sevral horse back riding stables and the beaches are just perfect for that together feeling that valentine's Day enhances. You could complete your day with a picnic on the beach watching the sun go down.


If you're into extreme sports why not go sky diving, maybe book a hot air balloon ride and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the azure blue sky.


Book a round of golf (only if you both like golf, otherwise this could be interpreted as a Homer Simpson type present).  Have a couple of drinks after your round, book a relaxing tapas dinner in town, before drifting back home for a comfy evening on the sofa watching a romantic DVD (chocolates may be a good accompaniment here !).


Go for a slow walk hand in hand along the beach at sunset, take a blanket and picnic.  Cuddle up as the sky puts on its nightly dusk display before the moon makes it's move and declares it a night for love.


Visiting a spa together is a great romantic date. Everyone loves getting the full pampering spa treatment. The emphasis on comfort and relaxation is the perfect way to create a romantic atmosphere.


Take a pcinic down to rex Smeal park and sit by the waters edge and watch the sailing boats and the sun go down.  It's just a perfect setting for 'lurve'.


Why not take a horse and carriage ride together to take you to your dinner date.  You can sit and chat and enjoy each other's company in a pleasant slow and relaxed 'let the world go by' kind of way.


Useful Hints - Just a few tips on the little things you might not think of that are guaranteed to 'bugger' everything up.  

  • Make sure you turn your mobile phone off and make sure your partner sees you do it.
  • A useful addition for any of these activities for when there is a quiet moment, memorize a love poem to recite.  It's guaranteed melting moment.
  • Don't wear a tee shirt that has something like 'The world revolves around me' or similar !   
  • Flowers, cards and Chocolates are never a bad idea - Do not think they are silly and soppy.  everyone loves the gesture.

Valentine's Day is all about feeling in love and being together, which can't be described in a box of chocolates or on a card but it can show willing.  the brownie points are won by the act of planning.  If your partner thinks you've put some time in planning their day, you will be a star.


Editors comments: Oooh, I've gone all gooey eyed and romantic, I love it !