More China flights agreement close

Wed 17 Feb 

More China flights agreement close

By Roy Weavers

According to an article on Travel Today, the Federal Government says flights between Australia and China are now cheaper and more frequent after a breakthrough agreement with the Chinese Government.


The agreement is part of negotiations aimed at removing limitations on airlines operating between the two countries, and will see the number of seats available increase by 70 per cent before the end of the year.


Federal Transport Minister Anthony Albanese says the announcement is a significant breakthrough that reinforces the importance Australia and China's economic relationship.


In the past, airlines had only been able to offer 8,500 seats per week between the two nations.


Under the new deal, that number will rise by 2,000 straight away, and by another 4,000 from November.


Mr Albanese says Brisbane will be allocated 2,000 of the extra seats. "Queensland is in a particularly strong position to benefit from the tourism potential that's there from China," he said.


Both governments have also agreed to discuss an "open skies" agreement over the next year to lift more restrictions.