Latest weather in Port Douglas

Latest weather in Port Douglas

Continuing our campaign for accurate weather reporting from our southern and that includes Cairns media colleagues, we thought the easiest way to keep you informed meteorologically as to what was happening in Port Douglas was to show you.


They say a picture speaks a thousand words, well we hope that all those 'hungry for cyclone' journos are hearing these two photos shown here in this article, when they say, 'back off and go and annoy someone else, you're time with us has been wasted enough. There must be better things to report on like killer koalas or man eating geckos (they probably don't exist either)"


Photo one was taken at dusk on Monday evening over the Meridien Marina whilst sitting on the Radio Station balcony having a cold one and the second one was taken the following morning at 8.30am down on Four Mile Beach walking to work enjoying the sea breeze. On both days the temperatures reached over 30 degrees for the observant amongst you, you'll have noted that there weren't many holiday makers doing the same.


That's because with the southern media's help many of them have been scared away and cancelled their vacations over the weekend because of the cyclones and monsoon rains. Thanks guys !


Editors comments: As you can see the wet season weather in Port Douglas can change for the better very quickly, even if the sun isn't out the rain is warm and that's something you don't get in Europe, so anyone in the freezing, snowy conditions that have been prevalent in Europe over the past 8 weeks we invite you to get on a plane and come and get warmed up with us, Oh!, and do me a favour, don't believe everything they say in the papers or the TV, to get an accurate weather picture, check with local platforms who monitor the weather daily.