King Tide welcomes Royal visit

King tide brings surf to Port

King Tides came to visit Four Mile Beach on Saturday and Sunday mornings reaching season highs of 3.34 mtrs and 3.31 mtrs respectively to create a fantastic spectacle along the length of the beach when mixed with the strongish wind gusts.

The sea crashed against the top reaches of the beach close to the scrub land between the roadside and the sand. Normal high tides are expected to peak at about 2.4mtrs but the weekends high tides were monsters at nearly 3.4mtrs.

As you can see from the photo included here, we even had some waves that would have rivalled our surfing neighbours down at Surfers Paradise (well OK, but they were quite big !). However, very sensibly, no one took advantage of the rolling surf because the life guards were busy making sure everything was secure around the stinger nets.

Editors Comments: Just in case the national press machine pick up on this story, I'd like to make it quite clear that this is a normal phenomenon at this time of year and doesn't require any sensational headlines about Four Mile Beach 'disappearing' 'cos when the tide goes back out, the beach's a miracle !