Great Barrier Reef wows WOW

Thu 18 Feb 

Great Barrier Reef wows WOW

By Roy Weavers

Last weekend star co-presenter Cari Leslie took a the trip of a lifetime to the Great Barrier Reef in her latest television series of WOW, A World of Wonders.


A World of Wonders is a family friendly television series that gives viewers the chance to become armchair travellers on a trip around the world.  It presents viewers with the wonders of people, cultures, colours, sounds and flavours of the world.


Cari was a guest on board Great Barrier Reef leading tour operators Quicksilver, who run out of Port Douglas and enjoyed a full day out at Agincourt Reef on their anchored pontoon. She showed viewers the underwater viewing chamber, the semi submersible ride and went scuba diving to discover for herself the sheer beauty of the Reef. 


When she surfaced she was 'wowed' by the experience after having made friends with many of the marine life she had encountered.   The footage was apparently shot back in 2008 but was shown for the first time in Australia just last weekend. 


WOW takes a fun approach to social studies, geography, science, adventure and natural history.  Under the tutelage of a Webmaster Sami, Cari criss-crosses the globe in search of the many awesome sights and civilizations that make our world unique.  A world of Wonders is the ultimate learning odyssey, with fun at every turn.


Cari has been travelling the globe for three seasons of the show and she's racked up a lot of air miles.  She has met some amazing people and seen amazing places since she signed on with A World of Wonders.  And for sure the Great Barrier Reef will be very high on that list.