Consumers push business to go green

Mon 15 Feb 

Consumers push business to go green

By Roy Weavers

Whilst the government is formulating a complicated tax break system to encourage companies to go green, the businesses themselves are saying that in fact it is the consumers who are driving them to look for green or sustainable alternatives.


While the seemingly inexhaustible gas and hot air being expended by the political debate as it drags on about the best way to deal with or cut pollution, a new report reveals that more than eight out of ten businesses say that they will be driven by consumers ahead of tax breaks to become more sustainable.
More than 250 businesses were surveyed for the Grant Thornton International Business Report on their sustainable practices and what would make them consider greener options.


It appears that as soon as the consumer applies pressure for a company to use greener options, the businesses respond.  If there is no pressure the businesses don't bother.


A great example of this is the disposable coffee cup.  Consumers demonstrated that they were keen to cut their use of disposable coffee cups. This was partly because of cost but also because of the damage they felt was inevitable to the environment with the disposal of so many once-only used cups. A company called KeepCup is doing roaring business because companies and cafes can reduce their costs by the reduced usage and therefore wastage of a traditional coffee cup. 


These cups can be used over and over again.  In fact some cafes are offering customers up to 50% discounts to reward green thinking customers and to recognise loyalty.


Editors Comments : Boy, there are some clever thinking people out there.  When you think how many disposable coffee cups must be discarded every single day of the year and it was such a simple idea.  Have you got any suggestions as to how we can help reduce waste and encourage local businesses to apply themselves to better green practices, who knows they might be able to cut their costs too? Comments please...