Chamber of Commerce welcomes the media

Tue 16 Feb 

Chamber of Commerce welcomes the media

By Roy Weavers

In an innovative move this week the Port Douglas Chamber of Commerce opened it's doors for the monthly meeting to the local media. 


President Ken Dobbs on behalf of the committee made it clear that the Chamber had made the decision to open the meetings to the press because it was determined to improve the communication from within the Chamber of Commerce to the businesses it represents and the resident population that are ultimately affected as employees and contractors to those businesses.


President Ken Dobbs, said " The Chamber is becoming an effective conduit to support both their business members and the communication networks to and from both the external commercial financial forces and the politicians who make decisions that can have a significant influence on our community".


Vice President Sam Cullen added, "It is time for the public to be made aware of both what the Chamber does and what it is capable of doing to help support the regions commercial efforts.  So many people think they know what the role of the Chamber is but making the meetings more open will focus everyone's attention on what they really do and how effective they can be"


The emphasis now appears to be on demonstrating in an open forum what pressures can be brought to bear by a powerful Chamber of Commerce.  All Port Douglas businesses should be a member of their Chamber of Commerce to ensure that when the President and his committee discuss and negotiate on their behalf with external commercial concerns and politicians when decisions are being made they know that they have the full might and will of the business community behind them.


Editors comments: I know I could be accused of bias here, but I think letting the press into the Chamber meetings makes a lot of sense. Over the last 2 years concerted efforts have been put in by the current committee to ensure the Chamber becomes a more representative voice of the business community than ever before. 

It is now time to consolidate that power and start making politicians and outside influences dance to our tune !  We need to start reminding people we are Port Douglas not some ordinary seaside town that puts up with whatever it's fed.