Brutus meets Poseidon

Wed 17 Feb 

Brutus meets Poseidon

By Reef Adventure Centre

To welcome her first day back looking great after her annual refit. Poseidon was met out at the Agincourt Ribbon Reefs by a rare sighting of a whale in February!  Onboard Marine biologist Herald Pinns identified this large whale as a Bryde's Whales, commonly known as Brutus Whale.

The Bryde's Whale prefer tropical and temperate waters over the polar seas that other whales in their family frequent. They are largely coastal rather than pelagic. Bryde's Whales are very similar in appearance to Sei Whales and almost as large. "Bryde's whale" is sometimes misheard as "brutus whale". They inhabit tropical and subtropical waters worldwide.


Bryde's whales are considered medium-sized for balaenopterids, dark gray in colour with a white underbelly with its very small dorsal fin far down its back. They can reach lengths of 12–17 m and weigh up to 41,000 kg. Males are usually slightly smaller than females. Bryde’s whales are believed to breed year round and their gestation period is estimated to be 12 months.


Calves are about 4m long at birth and weigh 1,000kg. The Japanese hunt this species as part of their scientific whaling program. Whalers have taken them off the coasts of Indonesia and the Philippines. Bryde's whales are also sometimes killed or injured by ship strikes.


Anthropogenic noise is an increasing concern for all rorquals, which communicate via low-frequency sounds. The Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 protects these whales.


All the guests on Poseidon vessel were delighted at the unexpected encounter on a perfect, calm sunny day. Photo taken by Trent, a happy guest onboard.


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