All hands on deck to get Obama to Port

All hands on deck to get Obama to Port

The momentum is building for the campaign to get President Obama and his family to include Port Douglas in their itinerary when he visits Australia at the end of March.


The official visit to Australia has been confirmed according to the Prime Ministers Office and although the White House hasn't yet confirmed that both President Obama and his wife and children will accompany him on this trip, it is planned for around the US school holidays and it would be unlikely that the children would be left behind. This would indicate that the President is planning to include a short mid-term break for the family and where better to spend some well earned R'n'R but Port Douglas.


Executive Officer Doug Ryan has confirmed that the TPDD office is working with the Premier's Office who are working with the Prime Ministers Office who are in turn working with the white House to ensure the President knows he would be securely welcome in Port Douglas. Of course if he has chatted with ex President Bill Clinton he would have got only positive feedback about this jewel of the Pacific Rim.

Doug Ryan said yesterday that his office are chasing all public support via their facebook and twitter social media. He also added that both the White House and the Premier Anna Bligh are followers of Port Douglas and from the comments posted they are very impressed with the local enthusiasm for this visit.

Editors Comments:
I fully appreciate that Doug's position as Executive Office of the local tourism office he has to act with a certain decorum and can't be seen jumping up and down in excitement but I can and I am. If you want to lend your support please sign up here :>