The Viewpoint - Flooding in Port? Who says?

Wednesday 22 December 2010

The Viewpoint - Flooding in Port? Who says?


by Roy Weavers

It makes you wonder what planet most of the southern press inhabit because it sure as heck can't be planet Earth. 

What is the matter with our fellow journalists who seem to revel in depressive generalities about the weather up here, to such a degree that the shockwave of fear that they send out makes potential visitors to our region start to cancel their much cherished christmas holidays because the reported flooding is so treacherous!

Yes, there has been and is currently some flooding in the South East of Queensland around the Brisbane area.

BUT, Port Douglas is two days north of Brisbane and has recently only seen intermittent (and I might add well behaved) rain during the evenings all of which our idyllic peninsula has taken in its stride. 

It's like telling tourists to cancel their holidays to the Gold Coast because of the snow on Mount Hotham? That's not completely accurate because Mount Hotham is actually closer to the Gold Coast than Port Douglas is.

Reports from one local tourist information centre employee said that at least ten visitors have cancelled their flights due to a lack of awareness of where Port Douglas is located in comparison to the flooded areas of Queensland.

I wonder if the pathetic excuses for journalists who thoughtlessly report these inaccuracies have any concept as to the damage that their inaccurate and irresponsible sensationalism does to the livelihoods reliant on this region? And probably just as bad, the spoiling of the enjoyment of our worried visitors valuable leisure time. 

My advice to all travellers who have booked, or who are thinking about booking, a Christmas break in the Port Douglas area is come on up!  You'll have a great time. It's averaging 34 degrees during the day and is mostly sunny. 

There are NO floods but the rainforests are looking fabulous.  Don't listen to the morons who write your daily papers or DJ your local radio stations or present your TV news. Let them wallow in in their own misery within their own little Grinchy Christmas world. 

Port Douglas is wide eyed and wonderful and it's waiting for you to have a great Christmas with your family and friends.  You don't even have to be adventurous by nature, you just have to bring pressies, we'll do the rest!