New ways to Calypso to the reef and rainforest

Wed 07 Apr 

New ways to 'Calypso' to the reef and rainforest

By Roy Weavers

Jess Coleman gave us the 'hot goss' from Troical Journeys over the weekend with the exciting news that they have two new tours being launched and they have a new way for visitors and locals to 'Calypso' to Low Isles.

Their 'Pure Dive' vessel has come out for a mini refit and has been rebranded Calypso Snorkel.  The vessel is  surveyed for 48 but carries a maximum 35 to ensure comfort and safety.  Calypso Snorkel is made it's maiden voyage on Easter Sunday!!! This vessel is also fantastic for affordable private charters.Jess also tells us that their Skyrail / Tablelands tour was launched last Wednesday (31 march).

This tour leaves Port at 9am and heads down the range, stopping at Rex Lookout before delivering passengers to Skyrail. Rainforest Cablecar for a ride up the range where the guests are met by a rainforest guide at the top. Then on to Jaques Coffee Plantation for a tour and tasting, lunch at Mt Uncle Distillery in their Bridges Restaurant with an optional tasting.  

They are then taken along the back route to Mareeba briefly stopping at the Heritage Museum, past Quaids Lake to the Mt Molloy pub for a beer, then back through Mt Mulligan and down the Julatten range.Following on from our breaking news about the sale of Shaolin (Newsport 1st April), TropicalJourneys have got a Lagoon 620 called Aquarius on it's way from France and Jess tells us they will be operating a day to Low Isles tour when she arrives.

As we told readers Ross Almond has purchased Shaolin and Tropical Journeys will be leasing the site from him. The orgnal rumour was that Tropical Journeys bought the Junk but in fact the intention is for Tropical Journeys to use the site and he is likely to sell the junk to a 'junk fanatic'. Initially Aquarius (which was ordered a year ago) was intended to operate out of the Whitsundays but since Ross purchased the Junk and its Low Isles site the Jones family decided to lease the site from Ross and establish a day trip to Low targeting the higher end market.

Editors Comments: So a few changes for the Reef and Rainforest tours.  That can only be a good thing, they change is the spice of life.  Its alwasy good news to hear of expansion in the tours and attractions market.  Good luck to Tropical Journeys in their new ventures.