Online more potent than TV

Tuesday 09 September


Online advertising more potent than TV


According to Media Services reporting for Marine Business News, two studies by US companies, Comscore and Dunnhumby show online advertising is as effective as TV advertising in building retail sales.


Over the course of 12 weeks, online advertising campaigns with an average reach of 40% of their target segment successfully grew retail sales of the advertised brands by an average of 9%. This compares to an average lift of 8% for TV advertising as measured by Information Resources, Inc. (IRI)


The researchers expound that 'Internet advertising is much less expensive than TV, plus you can track how many people watched it, how many clicked through, and collect a whole lot of related data that TV advertising doesn’t provide'.


Editors comments: It always sounds like we're blowing our own trumpet when we talk about the power of on line advertising so it's refreshing for someone else to do it for us !