Wednesday 9 February 2011

Support for Port from around the globe


If there was ever any doubt about the way people felt about our town it was blown away in the winds of Cyclone Yasi.

Dozens of messages of support were left on Port Douglas facebook pages from all over the world including the US, Scandinavia, UK, and Germany, and an endless number of text messages were received from friends and family wishing us all well.

We thought it would be nice to share some of the comments that were left on the and The Newsport facebook page last Wednesday afternoon and in the early hours of Thursday as the storm approached.

Julia Umulia - Thinking of you all, stay safe and take care!!! xxx 
Adeline Vieu - Thinking of you! xxx
Dave Bloom - Be safe, be well.
Danny Boynton - Stay safe guys xxxx
Helen Fox - Thinking of you all, love your town!
Claire Stalker-Booth - Hold on you guys. Was up there at the end of December and had a great time. I know Port will bounce back.
Ankita Primon - Port Douglas..stay cyclone can make you prayers are with you....:(..xx
Daniel McGrath - Port Douglas - my home away from home - i'm praying for all of ya to be safe & that not too much damage is done. xox
Emma Elizabeth Johnson - be safe port douglas thinking of u x
Sharan Towns - My thoughts are with you all up there. Stay safe x
Diego Leonardo Baller - OMG i lived in Port Douglas for like 6 months, just came back home in december! I still have friends living up there, all the best luck, hope is gonna be all right!! Love that place
Marian Arnold - Stay safe during the cyclone everyone - I miss Port Douglas

Perhaps it was the positive vibes from so many people around the world who care about Port Douglas that helped us avoid the worst of what Cyclone Yasi had to offer.